Aesthetic Dentistry


Αισθητική Οδοντιατρική (Aesthetics)

The beautiful smile and the correct and healthy shape of the teeth are a part of our face and contribute characteristically to the overall image of a person. The smile is a key anxiolytic factor and that’s why it is referred as a factor of longevity.

In our clinic, we emphasize on Aesthetic Dentistry. It is currently proved that it is very important to restore teeth as if they were  authentic in the best possible way.

Among the Aesthetic Rehabilitation techniques available to modern dental science, the following stand out:

• Dental Bleaching, with very impressive results in most cases, aims to restore the color of the teeth, giving a vivid white smile.

• The famous bonding. The term bonding refers to the addition of composite or porcelain veneers at your anterior teeth. It describes the placement of composite resin or porcelain at the labial surface of the upper teeth. Its purpose is to correct the morphology, the position and of course the color of the teeth.