Dental Cleanings & Check-Ups


ΠρόληψηPrevention concerns everyone, children and adults.

The main preventive home methods are brushing thoroughly using interdental cleaners and flossing, on a daily basis.

However, prevention also includes regular check-ups at the clinic.
Every six months you should visit your dentist for a dental check-up. This can also help to prevent unfortunate situations such as caries, gingivitis, periodontitis or other pathological conditions in the oral cavity.

In some cases, for children and even adults, there are two preventive regimens applied against tooth decay: Fluoridation and preventive dental fillings.

Especially children need to be protected with these prevention regimens, since the appearance or their first permanent teeth, until they reach adulthood. On the one hand, childhood is the age of "bombarding" the mouth with sweets, sugar and soft drinks that are mostly responsible for tooth decay. On the other hand, fluoridation and preventive fillings shield children's permanent teeth in order to endure their long-term operation during adulthood, as well.

"Primary" orthodontic treatment is also a preventive measure for the proper upcoming of permanent teeth.

More specifically, in cases of premature loss of baby teeth, it is necessary to manufacture and install special equipment designed to keep space for the upcoming permanent teeth and prevent any abnormality regarding the correct position of permanent teeth in future. These machines are called "space conservation machines".